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Martech Amplified: How to Unlock the Full Potential of Your Tech Stack

Tech Stack Challenges Must Be Solved

When it comes to tech stacks, marketers typically face two problems: making the most of the dozen-plus tools they have on hand, and amplifying their carefully crafted content with a personalized touch. When precious time is spent wrangling disparate tools and data, producing engaging content is an uphill battle. Even when marketers do create that captivating content—after months of manual effort and frustration—failing to deploy it into the right inboxes will lead time-intensive campaigns to fall short of their KPIs.

However, these challenges are easily solvable if marketers implement automated tools that work together like a well-oiled machine. See tech stack activation at its best with these showstopping campaigns from Lenovo, Samsung, Sherwin Williams, and Southwest Airlines.

Lenovo’s API Magic

Black Friday and Cyber Week is a critical time for business, and that’s no different for Lenovo. But before implementing their automated API, scaling their annual Doorbuster campaign was always an enormous challenge. Each product block required manual effort, and QAing was a long and grueling process for the team.

Thankfully, this is far from Lenovo’s current workflow. Today their custom Doorbusters API encompasses complex logic to tap into 10 different APIs, serving up product information, dynamic sales updates, loyalty points accrual, and social proofing tailored to every customer. All of this information populates automatically, ultimately saving Lenovo’s marketing team 200+ production hours YoY, all while generating a 5.1% increase in revenue in 2023.

Samsung’s Personalized Product Launches

Just like Lenovo, Samsung offers a wide variety of products to an even wider range of customers, making it an absolute must to leverage their martech stack to create personalized messaging.

That’s just what Samsung did for their flagship product launches. Rather than sending a generic email to their entire list, Samsung used Movable Ink to highlight the exact trade-in value customers would receive if they exchanged their current phone for an upgrade—creating a 100+ value tailored to each recipient. Additionally, the email highlighted specific features from the latest product to show a direct comparison to each customer’s current device.

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Sherwin Williams’ Location Targeting

There are some products that simply need to be browsed in person: shoes, jeans, and in the case of Sherwin Williams, paint. The paint company knows this well, and expertly used their tech stack to drive foot traffic to stores.

To convert their online customers into in-store shoppers, Sherwin Williams used both Movable Ink and MessageGears to transform customers’ IP location into a customized map. Using each customer’s location, a map to the nearest brick-and-mortar store was included at the bottom of their emails. Even if Sherwin Williams didn’t have a store previously associated with the account, the tech stack could pull geo-location information to populate the right store with ease.

Southwest Airlines’ Quick Wins

Whenever a customer abandons a browse, marketers know it’s their opportunity to act. Often, all customers need to convert is a little extra encouragement.

Though Southwest Airlines had the CSV data to personalize their Daily Abandon Browse campaign, the marketing team knew it needed revitalization. Using the Movable Ink optimizer in their tech stack to A/B test a new creative, Southwest Airlines was able to confidently implement a fresh and modern twist for their new business-as-usual daily abandon browse image. With this transformed campaign, the airline saw a 10% lift in CTR.

The airline continued to take their data activation a step further with their travel advisory messaging. Because relaying accurate information in a timely manner is mission-critical for these campaigns, Southwest Airlines called on some automated help.

Whenever severe weather or limited operations threaten travel times, only customers with impacted itineraries are notified. As more information comes through, marketers have the ability to toggle key information on and off—even after the scheduled message has deployed. This level of flexibility was exactly what Southwest Airlines needed to ensure a smooth, optimized customer experience for every traveler. 

Time to Tackle Your Tech Stack

Each of these brands use their data and tech stacks to produce engaging, personalized campaigns that are automated to order. By leaning on optimized tech stacks to get the job done, marketing teams gain much needed bandwidth for further creativity and strategizing. Are you hoping to do the same? If so, explore the related resources below or experience the power of Movable Ink for yourself.