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Movable Ink Introduces Creative IQ, Messaging IQ, and Performance IQ for Da Vinci

Erica Dingman

We are thrilled to announce exciting updates to our Da Vinci platform, unveiled at our highly anticipated Think Summit event. Movable Ink continues to revolutionize personalized marketing with innovations that empower brands to create dynamic customer experiences that deliver real business results.

Movable Ink’s Q2 2024 Product Announcement is all about providing marketers with new ways to craft customer-centric email experiences, provide additional controls for executing campaigns, generate unique creative insights, and drive performance for today and tomorrow.

Introducing Da Vinci’s New IQs

The latest enhancements to Da Vinci are designed to answer marketers’ most pressing questions, such as, “What do I talk to customers about?” “When and how should I reach out to customers?” and “How are customers responding to my messages?”

With Da Vinci’s new IQ capabilities, marketers can deliver the best content to every customer, every time. Let’s dive into the groundbreaking features that will transform your marketing strategy, driving unparalleled engagement and results:

  • Creative IQ: Deliver the best content to every customer with every send
  • Messaging IQ: Automatically determine the right time and cadence
  • Performance IQ: Access unprecedented insights and achieve desired outcomes
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Creative IQ: What do I talk to customers about?

Most marketers can only guess what content will resonate with each individual customer. Even if their assumptions are based on subscriber data, it's incredibly difficult to fully capture who individual customers are and their evolving needs, let alone predict what content might actually engage them. Da Vinci uses AI to curate content for each customer based on their unique tastes, preferences, and motivations to improve business results. How? With Creative IQ capabilities, marketers can deliver the best content to every customer with every send.  

With short-lived content, Da Vinci understands the creative elements in every asset and optimizes the content through AI — with minimal to no training needed. Through multi-objective optimization, it's easy to refine the AI models for multiple business results, including short- and long-term lift through conversions, clicks, average order value, and more. On top of that, our latest enhancements to Subject Line Generation and Prediction now produce a more cohesive, unified message between content and subject lines, and the combination of the two are designed to boost engagement and revenue lift.

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Drive Game-Changing Customer Growth

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Messaging IQ: When and how should I reach out to customers?

We all know that every customer has different habits and thresholds for email. Even the most loyal subscribers have varying preferences for when and how often they like to receive messages. Marketers can’t predict when and how they should reach out to every customer, but AI and automation can help.

Da Vinci’s Messaging IQ capabilities help marketers tailor every customer’s communications. Da Vinci uses AI to automatically optimize for when and how often a customer receives a message. Rather than rules-based frequency capping, Da Vinci uses AI to determine the ideal time and identifies the optimum number of messages to send to each subscriber based on each customer’s likelihood of engagement and minimizing overall message fatigue. The solution monitors all data – a brand’s email schedule, days of the week, and customer engagement – to determine the highest likelihood of engagement.

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Performance IQ: How are customers responding to my messages?

Marketers are always striving for the latest results to derive insights and bring value to their next campaign. But most reporting only tells half the story. It’s one thing to understand how a campaign performs, but what about the individual creatives? How are certain assets trending over time? These are key questions to understanding what’s actually effective and drives financial performance.

Da Vinci’s Performance IQ capabilities help strengthen analytics and reporting tools to provide unprecedented access to new insights, shedding light on both creative assets and customer needs, and letting marketers understand how customers are responding to messages.

Enhanced analytics and self-service dashboard provide granular insights into creative effectiveness, audience trends, and engagement metrics, including creative efficacy over time and across specific groups.

Additionally, Da Vinci’s automated and continuous experiments eliminate the need for manual A/B testing while delivering real-time results, increasing productivity while giving marketers time back to come up with new strategies and testing frameworks. These advancements not only boost the performance of email programs but give marketers creative-level insights to enhance content marketing, merchandising, advertising, and search targeting.

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Da Vinci is also unveiling an expanded footprint, including native integrations set to launch with leading Email Service Providers Braze, Zeta, Epsilon, and Iterable. Existing partners include Salesforce, Adobe, Cordial, Oracle Responsys, Acoustic, and Cheetah Digital (Marigold).

With these new enhancements in content, messaging, reporting and analytics, and integrations, Movable Ink Da Vinci is stronger than ever. Explore the resources below to learn more about leveraging these tools for your upcoming marketing strategies.