The Power of Real-Time Context Data for Your Marketing Team

Carine Alexis

We were proud to have our partners at [MessageGears]( sponsor Think Summit 2019. Check out our [recap]( to learn more about the event.The core of marketing personalization is access to information about the consumer. Any communication from a brand to a consumer can only be as relevant to the recipient as what that brand knows about the recipient (What have they purchased lately? When was the last time they visited a store, or interacted with a message?). Unfortunately, for most senders, access to that information stops when the message is sent, so each message is potentially outdated as soon as it goes out. Add to this the fact that most companies are using [old data](, and the problem compounds. Combatting this issue are tools (like Movable Ink) which empower marketers to personalize messages at the moment of engagement, extending the event horizon of relevancy. However, personalization can only be as good as the information it can access, which is oftentimes limited and rudimentary — perhaps the time of the day the message is opened, or the recipient’s location. Although Movable Ink can already use your data as a source to power personalization, we know that there are many reasons the data simply isn’t accessible. For instance: * IT can’t build the APIs necessary to get to the data because of a long backlog of requests* The Engineering department built APIs some time ago, but data changes have made them irrelevant* The database simply can’t stand up to the demand of real-time data access through the email program, so using raw data to power open-time personalization is simply not an optionThat’s why MessageGears is introducing Engage, a source for Super Senders’ real-time data that enables them to create ever-relevant messages. By providing access to customer- and offer-level data for tools like Movable Ink even after the message is sent, messages will always have relevant context and be personalized no matter when they’re opened. By allowing brand marketers access to today’s data (today’s deals, item and purchase info, anything necessary to create a tailored or relevant message), we have empowered them to send messages that will always have the latest information at the moment of open. Whether today’s communication is seen tomorrow or next month, it will always have the latest and greatest information to work from. How it works: The ever-changing non-personal data that powers your messaging is often trapped in large data stores, which are typically inaccessible when users engage with your communications. By offering secure and scalable access to that consumer contextual data (or any other internal data) in an easily consumable format, MessageGears powers personalization in real-time, allowing for a level of brand engagement and up-to-date content that today’s tools can’t match. And because we live in a cross-channel world, this real-time contextual data can be used across all parts of the marketing landscape. Whether you’d like to create up-to-date content to be shown within the mobile device so your message center is always showing the latest deals, access this data to load additional content for your interactive AMP messages, or make your offer data more easily accessible to other third parties, this data is here to work for you. But perhaps most excitingly, this feature comes ready-made to integrate with Movable Ink’s intelligent creative as part of the Movable Ink platform to create compelling messages within email, website or display ads. By utilizing MessageGears’ Engage in conjunction with Movable Ink’s intelligent creative, marketers have the ability to use live data to power personalization at open time for images with an email body or website. Users will be able to promote relevant data to a highly available and ready-to-use cloud data source and select the API as a source within the Movable Ink console. MessageGears partnering with Movable Ink to make data more readily available creates new opportunities for tailored content — now, any brand interactions that take place after a message goes out are available for use in personalization. With the ability to insert as many images into the message as necessary, content creators can make full use of the data at their disposal. MessageGears’ core mission is to eliminate the barriers that keep brands from effectively using their data. This is another step in that direction, bringing the most up-to-the-second data and information to the consumer experience at the time a message is opened or viewed, enabling marketers to build better, more interactive messaging campaigns that connect with their customers on a more personal level. Combined with the Movable Ink platform, this has the potential to change the way marketers and customers think about messaging and email. ![](**About the Author**--------------------Nick Ziech-LopezNick is the Senior Product Owner of the Cloud Infrastructure team at MessageGears. He applies his background in engineering and data analytics to organizing his product backlog, understanding user experience, and obsessing over the Chicago Cubs.